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tv   Arts and Culture  DW  April 18, 2019 10:45am-11:01am CEST

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pad why does sweden's connect root contain ink from a squint and has it gets a crunchy our resident baking expert a new correspondent has the answers. and joining me now in the studios professor young of our from the university of plied science is in pottstown where he's the professor of restoration and conservation thank you for coming in obviously shocking pictures result on monday night but the good news if you like is the towers have survived indeed a lot of the main structure of not to dumb has it seems. what do you think is going to be the most difficult part of restoring this gothic monster piece. i think after having overcome the talk the main thing. tossed will be to get an general overview of the losses and the damages to. that.
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night and to look inside the masonry the structure. to get a knowledge of. what the fire and water. did to the boche was to the columns to the vaults because it's not easy to jot only from outside it. hard to structure of also affected the walls look as though they're ok with it fire and water are the worst things for them it's i think it's too early to be sure that nothing is going to collapse anymore so one has to be very cautious. that if. no more harm is done maybe two people maybe two head first or two yeah it's going to take tar anyway for the moment thank you let's leave it for a moment the french government is moving fast with restoration plans and the prime
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minister and waffle leap has already announced an international architects competition to restore the spot. were noted downs central spire collapsed in monday's blaze it left a hole in the paris skyline and in the hearts of the french. now the question is whether notre dame is still notre dame without it. this is because the drill as parisian zen visitors to the french capital have known and loved it drone footage from last year shows notre dame splendor before the fire experts are debating whether it really can be restored in five years as promised by french president in mind. and that central spire a nineteenth century addition to the medieval cathedral should it even be reconstructed. now francis put that question to architects around the globe. the international competition will allow us to address the question of whether this
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spire needs to be rebuilt if whether to rebuild the spire that was designed and built by architect of your leave to do exactly as it was or whether it's necessary as is often the case in the evolution of our cultural heritage and of cathedrals to provide not to go down with a new spiral flourish. construction on noted down began in the year eleven sixty three but it contains elements that span the centuries how much of the old must be rebuilt and from which era and how much reconstruction of this iconic building should be given over to new inspiration my guest is professor. who's president of germany association of conservatives so professor how much of the old must be rebuilt and how should it be done. i
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think one should take his time to make decision to come to decisions it's quite early now. to come up with first. strong ideas the fire has to be rebuilt or not to be if we will say it's the spire became iconic during the last one half centuries too and it has been designed by view only the duke that's like the godfather of french conservation of monuments so it's everything is important to such a building not only the medieval parts it's like. a the train true to centuries to every. century put its special additions to it now what about the roof now this is going to be a monumental task the roof trusses there is talk of an ion or steel roof or
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wood which would you say is the better i mean should we stick to what it was only yesterday i heard that someone came up with suggestions to rebuild the roof and in steel and steel construction as it had been has been done at too many off john and austrian churches off the divorce because there was not been off enough money and not enough time and maybe not enough to during that period now we have actually we can take the french can take time to come to decisions and especially the forest the persian status of the forest of not for dumb of timber virk. of one thousand and three hundred medieval oats from the normandy and that's. you meant in itself and as the so sad so horribly sad that this has
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been destroyed so vibing all divorce all the tires all revolutions. very briefly can it be done in five years. keep talking about time in germany no in france in france maybe but we'll have to leave it there professor young thank you very much for joining is. a complete change now we're off to brussels where our europe correspondent year old martyrs who is a passionate bake it is based and in his kitchen he's baking bread from all twenty eight countries and at the same time giving his own inimitable insight into the local politics of each country this week it sweden and its crispbread. this is you country has bite. swedish bread is as hard as winter. and hard as swedish steel. and
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it seems. as thin as the majority that brought the swedes into the e.u. in autumn ninety ninety four the margin five percent plus a few crumbs. if you want to be a swedish star baker just makes together sourdough water wholemeal flour rifle our soldiers and honey. the dose will be tough and resistant take a leaf out of critter two books books the swedish schoolgirls been out on the streets for weeks on end fighting climate change we have started to clean up your
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mess and we will not stop until we are all like to see your monstrous trade commissioner she wasn't afraid of us threats there is no other partner in the won't like the european union want to get as many trade agreements countries are lining up to negotiate with us but it's a slow process you need to leave the dough to rise overnight not a swedish night in winter they never and ten hours should do it. then add a few drops of squid ink pitch black like a polar night. now roll both goes out and. ice and thin. spray with water then sprinkle spices on top conditionally you choose sesame cumin but i particularly like salt
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a mixture of roasted sesame syrian his son and marjoram these hopes all hail from the middle east and that's where many of the microbes come from who applied for asylum in sweden in two thousand and fifteen. a record breaking one hundred sixty three thousand people no other e.u. countries taken in so many refugees proportionate to its population. next roll this over though just like liberal sweden is being rolled over by right wing populist for a long time other countries looked up to sweden's migration policy but here too things haven't always gone smoothly microdrives in swedish suburbs this has been grist to right wing mills they love to divide and rule. after ten minutes that's two hundred degree celsius the bread is done thanks to the chaos of bragg's it euro skepticism is now decidedly off the swedish menu.
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for a country that's always kept russel's at arm's length that's why the breakthrough. crunch time. recipes and instructions for all these european types of bread are on our website of course d.w. dot com slash culture and our facebook page d w culture now beyond say has landed a one two punch today saw the hotly anticipated release of a documentary homecoming which. directed and stars in it documents a performance a twenty eighteen cut shot of fast falling california when she became the first black woman headline of that but she had another trick up our sleeve releasing
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a previously on and i slide album of that concert. the coachella concert featured in beyond says netflix documentary homecoming pays tribute to america's historically black colleges the star performs alongside dozens of dancers and even a marching band. the event was widely praised both for the showmanship involved and for its political and social significance but the documentary is more than just a concert film candid footage and interviews show the creative process behind the performance from concept to execution beyond sea is marking this milestone in her career not just the film but what a surprise a live album release as well. can announced releases have come to be her specialty in the last years starting with twenty's or teens eponymous album beyond say. and again in two thousand and sixteen with the album lennon added. even though we've come to expect the unexpected from her fiance's fans are delighted once again she's
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proved that she continues to be one of the most culturally significant artists working today. the queen of pop but showing everyone how to put on a show that sold for this edition of arts and culture thanks for watching on from all the crew here in berlin i'm myself bob i found out. in.
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the business off field. cyber attacks on company and government networks. is growing momentum is serious. and the ems if you are is going to cyber defenses. talent victim are thing. in security even possible in the end just the world wide web. site the crime scene fifteen minutes from dublin. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful. the north atlantic treaty organization they chose just for the seventieth birthday but it wasn't a happy one of my guests this week here is nato headquarters is rose got so lucky to be organizations deputy secretary general who she's now acknowledged the great show first serious splits in its unity conflict a. policeman on double.
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my first boss i was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this notion for even something as simple as learning how to ride a bicycle isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle of my home and it took me years to convince my there's. finally the game bob invented by me and by psychos and returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for goes than writing advice and now i want to meet shouting boss woman back home who are bound by their duties and social. and informed him of old dead basic rights my name is the about of the hook and i wore into.
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this is due to be a news live from berlin the next phase of india's vast general election kicks off this time the rest of region of kashmir goes to the polls security there is tight local separatists are calling for a boycott of the election after a recent escalation of violence in the year. also coming up germany calls a special session of the united nations security council to discuss the crisis in libya but members are split over a surge in violence in the capital tripoli. and in the champions league quarter finals and unforgettable even.


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